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Hot tubs
and swimming pools

Dynamic Electric has a long experience in doing electrical installation for hot tubs and swimming pools in Ottawa and surrounding area.

Having a hot tub is like having a year-round vacation in your own backyard. It is a place to escape the cares of the day and spend some quiet time alone or with family and friends. With family and friends using your hot tub, you want to be sure that it is installed correctly, especially the electrical wiring.

The basic and most important factor in swimming pool and hot tub wiring is that of safe and reliable electrical installation. Because of their special electrical environment a high degree of user personal safety must be provided and maintained. This is only possible through the use of approved electrical equipment, the proper wiring method, bonding, grounding and ground fault protective measures.

Whether are buying a house with a pool or are planning to install one in your home , hire a licensed electrician or an electrical contractor to to check and inspect your lighting to make sure they are not outdated or faulty.

Bring "cool"to your pool for a unique pool experience.Imagine this pool with different colored lights.

Lighting helps you and your family gets more enjoyment out of your pool. Now you can spend more time relaxing after a hard day's work. Splashing with the kids or just basking in the glow of a great idea. Pool lighting products can enhance both the safety and visual appeal of your nighttime pool environment. You could install different colored lights. You could sequence the lights to come on at different intervals. This could be your Cool Pool.

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