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Wiring Basement Outlets,
Switches and Lights

Congratulations! You've finally decided to turn your basement into your "dream" living space. Your family will enjoy their new game room, workout room, office, kid's room, movie theater-whatever you want the room to be for years to come.

Looking to make your home even better? You have the power — and we can help.

Planning the electrical early in the design process will help make renovations go smoothly and avoid costly changes down the road.

The real question now is, "Who should I hire to finish my basement?".

Remodeling your basement may mean upgrading your panel box, wiring, outlets, switches and more.

The wiring in your home may or may not support the additional electrical requirements of your new basement space. If your home's wiring is older, you may need to have your wiring replaced and brought up to current building safety codes.

We can add any additional electrical configurations necessary for your finished design plan. Renovating your basement can give you more usable space in your home, as well as increasing its resale value. Properly renovated basements can be used for recreation rooms, offices or bedrooms.

Your home area may need to have an additional electrical panel installed in order to support the additional electrical load.

If you choose to transform your basement into a playroom, one of the most important safety considerations is to protect children from burns or shock. This can happen if they stick objects into unprotected outlets. Child-safety outlets (also known as Tamper Resistant Receptacles) should be used throughout your home.

A Licensed Electrical Contractor can provide ideas on automated options for closet lights and the best lightbulbs to use. Motion sensors are another popular addition. Just remember, there’s a safe distance required between ceiling lights and storage items to prevent fire – 15 cm for pot lights and 30 cm for surface mounted lights.And make sure to give devices, laptops and gadgets a designated space by adding charging stations and strategically-placed outlets.

We can do for you all of this. Even though, your basement is old, with good design and advice from professionals, with our help, your house can be transformed.

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