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Your home is an important investment. But, more than that, it is a place of comfort, family and a measure of achievement.

We provide a safe, professional and high quality service for our residential wiring customers at a price to suit your pocket. So for practical advice and highly competitive estimates and quotations for your electrical installations and electrical maintenance……call us.

Thinking of remodeling, or building a new home? Is your home wiring older, does it have Knob and Tube wiring? Does your home's circuit breakers trip or fuses blow? Is the wire covering on your electrical service deteriorating, is it sized properly for today's electrical needs? Call us today for an estimate and we will show you how affordable it is to correct safety problems or add additional wiring in your home.

We also assist with the planning and positioning of your electrical accessories, helping to turn your house into a home! Our solutions will help improve your lifestyle, create moods, and automate routine tasks, and offer security and peace of mind.

Are you looking for an electrical contractor or a licensed electrician in Ottawa or surrounding area?

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